Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clemens and Pettite Are Cheats

Way to be a mentor, Clemens. Never wanted him; never liked him -- if only he'd stayed in Toronto to beef up those artificial wins. But no excuses -- Andy is no longer a favorite of mine. This wasn't a single, one-time mistake, a slip of the tongue or singe act they immediately regreted -- the sort of thing anyone can say or do in the heat of the moment. This was cheating for months or years at a time. Shame on you, Andy.


Anonymous said...

Andy Pettitte
Andy Pettitte is a pitcher who since 1995 has played with two teams in Major
League Baseball, the New York Yankees (10 seasons) and the Houston Astros (3 seasons). He
has been named to the All-Star team twice and was Most Valuable Player in the 2001 American
League Championship Series.
McNamee began serving as Pettitte’s personal trainer and started assisting Pettitte
in off-season workouts after the 1999 season. According to McNamee, during the 2001-02 offseason,
Pettitte asked him about human growth hormone. McNamee said that he discouraged
Pettitte from using human growth hormone at that time.
From April 21 to June 14, 2002, Pettitte was on the disabled list with elbow
tendonitis.395 McNamee said that Pettitte called him while Pettitte was rehabilitating his elbow
in Tampa, where the Yankees have a facility, and asked again about human growth hormone.
Pettitte stated that he wanted to speed his recovery and help his team.
McNamee traveled to Tampa at Pettitte’s request and spent about ten days
assisting Pettitte with his rehabilitation. McNamee recalled that he injected Pettitte with human
growth hormone that McNamee obtained from Radomski on two to four occasions. Pettitte paid
McNamee for the trip and his expenses; there was no separate payment for the human growth
According to McNamee, around the time in 2003 that the BALCO searches
became public, Pettitte asked what he should say if a reporter asked Pettitte whether he ever used
performance enhancing substances. McNamee told him he was free to say what he wanted, but
that he should not go out of his way to bring it up. McNamee also asked Pettitte not to mention
his name. McNamee never discussed these substances with Pettitte again.
After the 2001 season, Pettitte, like Clemens, continued to use McNamee’s
services and to serve as a source of income after McNamee was dismissed by the Yankees. In a
2006 article, Pettitte “acknowledged an ongoing relationship” with McNamee. Pettitte was
quoted as having said that he still talked to McNamee about once a week. “Mac has trained me
professionally for a long time, and I’ll continue to use Mac,” Pettitte said.

Michael in New York said...

Very sad.