Thursday, December 13, 2007

Should Yankees Dump Andy?

Boy, this puts Andy's decision to resign with the Yankees early (which I lauded to high heaven) in a new light, doesn't it? He could have waited till January, but then wouldn't signing him have been embarrassing for all involved? Not that the Yankees would have decided not to -- but Pettitte's decision to pull the trigger early sure makes it easier for everyone to deal with it as a done deal.

So should the Yankees dump Pettitte? But, there's no proof Andy is cheating today. And he's mentioned in the report but he hasn't been convicted in court of anything. And that was in the past. And he feels bad. And we're all turning over a new leaf and he'll be subject to stringent new requirements. And...and...we NEED him. My God, if we don't keep him, our chances of making the play offs are much dimmer. Besides, if we dump him, someone else will sign him so what's the difference. No, no, no, we've GT to keep Andy so we can pay him $16 million and be the next come-back kid just like good ole Jason Giambi.

My very safe prediction: not a single team will dump a single valuable player. The only people that might be cut are marginal players they want to dump anyway.

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