Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Interview with Dan Naulty.

Who is Dan Naulty and why should you care what he says? That was my initial reaction to an article I saw written in the N.Y Post earlier in the week. The piece talked about Naulty's remorse for having used performance-enhancing drugs while playing for the Twins and Yankees in the late 1990's.

Naulty is now a pastor in Littleton, Colorado. Far away from the bright lights and big stadiums he preaches to youngsters about the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs. In my conversation with him, he spoke about a time when he wanted to take his own life. That was the hopelessness this man felt while using these drugs that he only took to "improve" his life. Two or three times in my conversation, Naulty used the word "cheat" to describe his methods for climbing the ranks to the big leagues.

He seems like he still isn't at piece with himself some 8 years after he last pitched in a Major League game. He says he wants rosters of all the teams he played with from the Yankees and Twins with names and phone numbers attached. He wants them so he can apologize to each and every guy that he feels was perhaps cheated or held back because of his own(Naulty's) drug use.

I could have spent 25 or 30 minutes talking with Dan Naulty, but unfortunately due to the time constraints put on my show at Sirius, I only had 15. I hope to talk with Dan Naulty again. His journey to improve his life continues even now. Spiritual improvement is proving to a longer road than that of a man trying to make it in Major League Baseball.


Michael in New York said...

Thanks for the interview and this description of him. Maybe you'll partner on his memoir? I'd call it: "Cheat: My Life on Steroids in Baseball"

Jason Page said...

Is that statement intended to take a shot at me??

Just looking for a little clarification.