Saturday, December 1, 2007

Will Hank Trade Hughes? Is Posada Pissing Off Pitchers?

I fear Hank will trade Hughes and Melky for Santana. I don't care how much of an ace Santana is, I think that's a bad trade. Since it's only safe to assume two out of the three young pitchers will succeed, we need all three in order to guarantee we don't trade away one of our two long-term (potential) aces. Plus Melky has proven himself as capable of playing in New York and Hughes showed a great deal of poise and promise over half a season and succeeded in the post-season. How much of a risk is he? If he wins 15 games and Santana wins 20, why trade Melky to get those extra five games -- not to mention the MUCH higher cost, though of course I seem to be the only one who hates the bloated Yankee payroll.

Finally, was it politic of Jorge to say he lusted for Santana? First, he should just shut up while the Yankees are trying for a trade. Describing Santana as a must-get certainly doesn't help their bargaining. Second, it's in the context of trading Kennedy and/r Hughes. How would you feel if your every day catcher was telling the world they want you traded away to get another pitcher? It would certainly tick me off.


joe said...

I'm extremely torn on this one. I love Hughes and Melky and will hate to see them go, but that being said Santana might be the only player in baseball (other than A-Rod) that is (maybe) worth the price.

I think the Yanks are more concerned about Boston getting Santana than they need to be, because I think Boston is just involved to drive up the price. They have no intention of giving up Ellsbury or Bucholz (wisely I might add), and if that's the case then why are the Yanks upping the ante?

I like Kennedy a lot and I'd hate to see him go, but I'd much rather we made this deal with him instead of Hughes.

My guess is Steinbrenner is overruling Cashman on this one because we all know how Cash wants to build this team. Its too bad that Hank & Hal are stepping all over his long term plans.

One thing about trading Melky -- while I don't think we lose any offense, our outfield defense will go back to being the worst in baseball. That's going to inflate some ERA's.

As for Jorge, I don't have a problem with what he said. Its not like he named names; he just said he wanted Santana. He probably knows the Yanks are going to get him just like everyone else, so why not sound excited about your future teammate. Jeter might be the captain but Jorge is more of a clubhouse leader. He's earned the right to speak his mind.

Michael in New York said...

How DARE you outrank Jorge to Jeter :) Sure he's earned the right to speak his mind. But messing with negotiations and potentially pricking the egos of pitchers he may be working with is impolitic and unnecessary. What did he gain by speaking his mind? Like he can't let Santana know he's enthused after the deal is done? Please.