Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I just don't get it

This feels like the Schilling trade all over again. Then, it was the D'backs demanding BOTH Soriano and Nick Johnson from the Yanks, but from the Red Sox they accepted Casey Fossum (who had already been exposed as mediocre) and mid-level prospects. Two championships later the Sox are still laughing about that one.

Now for Part Deaux. The Twins want Hughes AND Melky AND Kennedy from the Yanks -- but apparently are willing to take Lester (inferior to Hughes/on par with Kennedy) and Coco frickin Crisp (not even a viable major leaguer in my opinion).

Hughes and Melky -- while I don't want to trade them -- are so far superior to Lester and Crisp that it boggles the mind why the Twins would even entertain the Sox offer.


Can't wait to face a rotation of Beckett, Santana, Schilling, Dice-K, and Buchholz.


Michael in New York said...

I would take the Yankee deal as well. Though if I were dealing with Boston, I'd take Jacoby over Lester myself. Makes no sense. But then, these people are clearly morons. And Hanks' absolute, positive deadline will evaporate again once he sees Boston closing in on a deal.

dasnootz said...

Boys... and I mean that in the Samari Rolle’s sense of the word... open your eyes.

It's a radical move by the Republican Party. In order to win votes for the upcoming election they want more face time. What better way to do that than have every team from Boston be extremely competitive if not dominant?

Red Sox... check
Patriots... check
Celtics... check
BC Eagles... check

Do you think it's a coincidence that the Boston Bruins are back near the top of the NHL?

Who do you think we'll see in Patriots garb during the playoffs (conveniently just before the NH primary)? The smart bet is Mitt Romney, former Mass. governor.

Who do you think we’ll see in a vintage Larry Legend jersey come NBA post season? Not only does this get him more face time in New England, but it forms an instant bond with white America (the mid-west), as Larry Bird in the 80’s was our last shot at basketball excellence. I’ll place the same bet on a Bobby Orr jersey in the NHL playoffs. I know he’s Canadian, but it’ll earn him street credit in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, where they appreciate Orr’s hard hitting, don’t hold back attitude.

Fast forward to October. It’s the last chance for a push to win votes. Lets have Romney throw out the first pitch of a home game for the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS vs. the Yankees. The key is that he takes the position before the World Series. The rest of the country hates the Yankees, and this will help him earn even more blue collar votes (as somehow Boston’s payroll will once again be overlooked).

Like any police drama, you have to determine who stands to profit the most from the crime. In this case it’s painfully obvious.

dasnootz said...

I forgot one of the most obvious clues... Does anyone else remember Thomas "Tom" Brady sitting in First Lady Bush's box during a State of the Union Address? That was in 2004, the same year that Boston went on to break the curse.

The Republicans knew that Kerry would try the same scheme with the Red Sox should they be relevant in October. They made a preemptive strike by bringing Brady on board early in the process.

Ultimately it was too early in the process to prove positive ruslts, as the Dems carried all of New England. The Republicans have learned their lesson, and now will have Boston will all year long so that they can saturate voters with Romney face time.

Michael in New York said...

And Rudy is saddled with the increasinly unlkable Yankees, thanks to Hank and Hal and their bullying, blustering ways. But if the republicans were that clever, wouldn't they be more focused on the coming disastrous elections rather than window dressing?

dasnootz said...

It's just like three card monty. They keep you distracted with fast hands and catchy conversation, and they'll never notice that their buddy is switching cards or picking your pocket.(In this case it could be stuffing the ballot box).

Speaking of Rudy... didn't he admit to rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series? Just towing the party line my friend.