Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Hate SportsCenter

They're already quoting "experts" who claim "lots" of the names are just rumored to have cheated, as if Mitchell just threw in anyone willy nilly. That's bull. Plus, these are the names we found mostly from ONE source. If people had really cooperated and come clean, God knows how many players are implicated. Then SC quotes idiots who insist steroids and HGH don't help you hit a home run. Yeah, no one with increased muscle mass would ever have more power. Plus, these illegal drugs help you work out longer and harder and build up muscle quicker. They help you recover from injuries quicker. (Andy's apparent folly.) Finally, it doesn't matter if you're SUCCESSFUL cheating. Getting caught or failing to win the game doesn't make cheating any less pathetic. Cheaters are losers, no matter how poorly or well they do it.

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