Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bleacher Prices Raised

While reading this AP story about the 2008 schedule, I caught the last line which stated that "bleacher seats not purchased as part of a season-ticket package rose from $12 to $14." Since the season ticket prices have been set at $10 since 1998, I was hopeful that we would continue to be rewarded as faithful members of Ruthville.

So, I went over to yankees.com and logged into my account assuming MLB had invoiced me already for next year. Here is what I found:

Two season seats in the bleachers is now $1,969 or $12 per ticket plus the shipping and handling fees.

The final Opening Day at the House that Ruth Built will be March 31st against the Blue Jays and the last regular season game will be September 21st against the Blue Jays. MLB seriously couldn't have let the last game be against the Red Sox, the Yankees rival and the team that played the first game in Yankee Stadium? I guess that would be too much to ask, so instead the Sox get to host the Yanks for their final weekend. And that's why you don't let computers decide on scheduling.


Jason Page said...

Have you decided on whether or not to keep your seats in the new stadium given the fact that the bleachers are being moved back behind a level of box seats??

priv8pete said...

All along I've said that I was keeping my seats through the first year of the new Stadium and then I would make a decision factoring in cost and view from the new seats. I really hope they keep the "neighborhoods" together when the new Stadium opens. Perhaps we should consolidate our accounts to ensure that we can continue to sit together.

And when is the lottery for All-Star Game tickets?

joe said...

Let's hope the last game at The Stadium is in the World Series. That way no one will remember the regular season finale.

Jason Page said...

Here's to that Joe!!

Michael in New York said...

YOur lips to God's ear, Joe. Or in the case of the Yankees, maybe BALCO. I will def keep my seats into the future. That's a BIG jump in cost from $1600 to $1900 roughly. Oy. I don't think consolidating accounts is a good idea -- marriages, divorce, moving away would make the whole thing so tense. Besides, you're eying an end date anyway? Or do you think you can convince the missus that Yankee tickets are important for the kid's future? We'll definitely have to stay on top of them when the new Stadium comes in to make sure we're not split up. Having a full season package, I think those seats will def not get jogged around. Partial packages will be very vulnerable to moving.