Sunday, December 2, 2007

Now Boston Offers Jacoby

Morons. Is it a pure trade? Nope. One will always be a hired gun. The other is a farm system kid who lit up the team like a Christmas tree last season and has a great shot at being the rookie of the year. Every manager will tell you an ace pitcher is more important than any every day player. They're wrong. I also think teams VASTLY underrate the value of home-grown talent, the pleasure and joy fans get from following a player from the farm system to their rookie year and throughout their career. I love Matsui and ain't so fond of A-Rod but neither of them will ever be a "real" Yankee. That's not a slam. If you're not "born" into the team, you just aren't. That's why fans feel such passion for Jeter and Jorge and Mo and Pettitte (despite his being tossed aside). They're OURS. I saw the Mets two times this year. The first time, David Wright was resting and I was bummed. I felt cheated, like I hadn't really seen the team. Jacoby is potentially that type of player. He's very clearly a promising face of the team, a franchise player, a cornerstone for the team. He reminds me a great deal of Jeter cause last season he seemed to be in the middle of every big play, every key series of bats. Plus he's fast on the bases and brings and energy and excitement to the team. Why would ANYONE trade a player like that. Ever. For anyone. Those are the players you dream about, the players you want to build your team around. They don't always pan out, but to toss them aside for a hired gun, however promising, is foolish. You don't build a team by focusing on what you want to do for game one and two of the post-season.

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