Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bleacher Creature/Section 39 Arbitration On Posada, Rivera, Miguel Cabrera

So where do we stand? We know Jesse thinks we're idiots for resigning Posada to a four year deal. I'd say more specifically that the Yankees were idiots for not tacking on another year to Posada's contract at the beginning of the season when Posada wanted it. One year is an extremely low risk move when you're talking about a player headed for free agency. And when you're talking about catchers -- who fall fast and hard when it comes to their skills -- NOT tacking on one year is just idiotic. The Yankees always like to play cute, wait to see if a player gets injured and then are forced into paying top dollar. In this case, four years does indeed seem crazy. We'll be stuck with him long after his days as a catcher are over. Is there any catcher out there we would trade for? What about Rivera? Is a four year deal crazy for him or is he a phenomenon unto himself? And is our thinking they can always ride the bench and collect their paychecks if their skills collapse and who cares about the money? Finally, I dislike everything I hear about the chubby Miguel Cabrera and his mental attitude, work ethic and clubhouse demeanor. Do Girardi's comments reassure us? Does Cabrera just need Girardi riding him; will he respond to that tough love? Personally, I don't trust players who need to be convinced to work hard or stay in shape.

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