Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bonds Indicted On Perjury

Finally, some good baseball news. The chickens come home to roost for Barry Bonds.

By the way, kids, the ONLY reason Jason Giambi 'fessed up in the grand jury was because he wanted to avoid this same front page photo of himself with that headline. Giambi was CAUGHT and he didn't want to go to jail for perjuring himself the way Bonds might. Giambi wasn't noble or forthcoming or honest or a stand-up guy. He cheated for months and probably years and he got caught red-handed and he listened to his lawyer's advice and did the minimum he had to in order to stay out of jail. And not one bit more.


dasnootz said...

For a Yankees fan... you sure do seem to hate all of the Yankees. Maybe it's just the current Yankees that haven't won any titles for you.

Are you sure you're not a closet New Kids on the Block fan from Beantown?

Michael in New York said...

I dislike the owners intensely. And Giambi seems like a nice guy, I suppose. But the owners knowingly signed him with full knowledge that he was breaking the law and cheating with illegal drugs t enhance his performance. I don't care who you are on what team -- cheaters are cheaters. I thought that was common to most people: what do we teach kids in Little League -- that it's okay to cheat if you don't get caught? Other than that, I'm not sure what you're talking about. I love Jeter nd Jorge and Mo, I feel terrible for Matsui (who's had knee surgery while Cashman gave away his position), I like Damon a lot (I urged the Yankees to sign him instead of Giambi when both were available and Damon would have cost half as much), Melky and Cano are exciting and I pray they don't get foolishly traded, Abreu has won my respect and done much better than I expected, poor old Andy Phillips looks like he'll have to wade through four guys again to get playing time, it's a thrill to have Pettitte back, Wang has been terrific, Mussina never been a big fan of but no dislike, and the three young arms are totally exciting, plus Girardi was my first choice over Mattingly. I love these guys, especially the home grown talent I hope to watch for years to come.

Jason Page said...

Cheated?? Hmmm..... Did he test positive for anything?? Oh wait...... No he didn't. Blame baseball for their non-existent testing program and them turning a blind eye.

Michael in New York said...

It's cheating because it's against the law and you only do it to gain an advantage over other players on the field. I do indeed blame the owners and the players especially -- the players would rather turn a blind eye to the rampant cheating, the health risks, the damaged lives, the pressure it puts on kids in high school and in minor leagues to risk their health as well to keep pace. The players would rather we all just shut up about it. You and I know the horrific toll these drugs have taken in the pro wrestling world. And personally it takes the fun out of the game not knowing who is cheating. And it doesn't matter what the baseball rules were or are. It's cheating and you're breaking federal law and can go to jail for it. Bank robbing is also against the law but since it doesn't give you an advantage on the field, i wouldn't call a player who robbed banks on their off day a cheater as far as baseball is concerned. Since when was it "out there" or wacky to suggest that cheating isn't cool? You mentioned Little League in another post. Do we teach kids to cheat whenever possible and take advantage of any loophole and do anything to screw over your opponents and that if it's not technically in the rules it's fair game? Didn't think so.