Thursday, November 15, 2007

Contact The Yankees

Call them at 718-293-4300 or email them via this link. Keep it short and sweet. Tell them you're a Yankee fan. If you have a season ticket account number, share that. Tell them where you usually sit or how long you've been a fan and say simply, "Please don't sign A-Rod." At least you can say you tried.


dasnootz said...

While I was reading a newspaper this morning, loving that Boras is looking like an ass, and loathing how the Yankees are going back on their word like a battered and abused woman taking their husband back after kicking him out the night before, I began to ponder Boras' position in baseball history.

Hate him as I do, I think the argument can be made that someday he'll deserve a place in the Hall of Fame. Has one single person influenced the game as much as he has? If there's room for managers, announcers and reporters, there's surely room for agents.

Michael in New York said...

Oh, absolutely he deserves to be remembered in baseball history as a seminal figure. No question. And I don't think he looks bad at all right now: he called the Yankees' bluff, they folded before any other team even made an offer and came back with a $300 mil deal that's bigger than the one they began with and even bigger than the final, final offer they had in mind from the start. He still gets his cut, A-Rod gets to be where he wants. Where did Boras do wrong by his client, other than the World Series nonsense?