Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Section 39 Bleacher Creatures Hate Cheaters

Or do they? Am I the only one who hates cheaters? Am I the only one who wants Jason Giambi off the Yankees because he brought shame to the game and hasn't lost a single day's pay or been suspended for a moment because of it? Am I the only one angry the Yankees signed Giambi KNOWING he was a cheat? (Why else ask them to cut the steroids clause from your contract?) Am I the only one who laughs at this USA Today headline: GMs Worry About Mitchell Report's Impact.

Why are they worried? Obviously, none of them care if players cheat -- not even if the players get caught. Not as long as they produce. That same article included the fact that the Cleveland Indians exercised their $7.5 million option on cheating pitcher Paul Byrd, who insisted he was ill and therefore bought $25,000 in steroids via mail from a dentist in Florida. Makes perfect sense. "It was not a hard decision to pick up the option," Indians GM Mark Shapiro said to USA Today. "Paul's been a very good performer on the field for us, a great guy in the clubhouse with his teammates, a solid member of the community as well."

Right. Because nothing says solid member of the community quite like grotesque cheating that brings shame to the game of baseball and encourages high school athletes to risk their health and indeed their lives just to keep up. Am I the only one who cares?

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priv8pete said...

I want Giambi off the team because he's slow and isn't the best glove at first. Furthermore, I wish he was never signed and that Nick Johnson was still a Yankee.