Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Like the villain in a bad slasher movie, A-Rod is rising from the dead and reportedly wants to meet with the Yankees without Scott Boras in tow. Hank Steinbrenner's bullying, George-like manner could cut either way here: Hank could say, 'You had your chance, kid. And you blew it.' Or he could get off on seeing A-Rod crawling back to them and get all magnanimous. 'You've learned your lesson kid and I'm gonna be God-like and forgive and let you back into the Yankees. Please, be a jerk, Hank.

P.S. He might do it on "a discount" by making up for the $21 mil the Yankees lost out on? Please. He wants a blockbuster contract and taking $21 mil off of a $200 mil or $250 mil or $300 mil contract is small beans. Coming back on a discount would be coming back at $20 mil per, not $28 or $30. He knowingly and repeatedly refused to even have the decency to answer the Yankees phone calls or sit down with them. Now that the market isn't jumping for joy and he's tainted by behaving like such a punk DURING THE WORLD SERIES suddenl he's all eager to meet with them? He dissed you, Hank. Ignore him. Ignore him. IGNORE HIM!

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