Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pitching, Pitching, And More Pitching

The Yankees are going to be hurting if Andy Pettitte decides to retire. Doesn't he realize he's got the rest of his life to retire but only another two or three years to be a top quality major league pitcher? But what struck me in the NYTimes was this comment from Hank (I can drop the Steinbrenner now, can't I?): “Pitching is what we need to go further than the first round of the playoffs, where we’ve been sitting the last three years,” Steinbrenner said. Later he added, “This game is 70 percent pitching, and even more in the postseason.”Wha? Pitching? PITCHING? Gee you mean starting Opening Day with Pavano and spending big bucks on Kei Igawa and the flop Roger Clemens might have more to do with the Yankees failing to get to the World Series than the manager that scratched and clawed his way to the post-season with a weak, sagging rotation like that? Ya think? As for trading one of their arms, that seems insane to me, even for Santana, but I guess I'm alone on that. I'd be most hesitant to trade Joba because he's had the most chances to prove he can succeed on this stage. And I don't care who the pitcher is, they can wilt when they get to New York City.

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