Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Return Of The Seventies

That's the heart of my despair today: not the re-signing of A-Rod per se. But the sinking feeling that just as the Yankees looked set to move beyond the George Steinbrenner era and embrace the mentality and baseball smarts and solid position players that had given us a dynasty in the Nineties, just as that looked like coming to fruition we had a divorce, an illness and now suddenly Hank and Hal are in charge and look set to make the first of many irrational, blustering comments full of anger and firm unwavering resolve that is complete ignored the next day (and don't you dare point that out!) and the desire to spend the most money on the biggest names out there. It's the return of the Seventies and Eighties when the Yankees almost never won and the owners behaved like such complete dicks it made it hard to be a fan. These guys are stupid enough to trade away people that have succeeded in New York, future stars like Melky and Cano and one or two of their supremely promising pitchers all for the pleasure of spending gazillions of dollars on Johan Santana. Who in their right mind would want to trade Melky and Cano, the C and C boys, when they've proven themselves New York ready and given the fans new homegrown talent we can watch grow and cheer for years to come? Hank and Hal, that's who. Their behavior is erratic and stupid and they are NOT building a great team. They are building up their egos and the Yankees are going to suffer, just as they did under George.


joe said...

All he's done so far is re-sign his own free agents. It's not like he went out and spent 100 million on Barry Bonds. Now THAT would be a return to the 70's.

And the only time we're ever going to see another dynasty is if we have a kick ass pitching staff. ARod and the boys are just around to give them enough run support.

Daveslade said...

One thing about Melky and Cano. From what I have read, the are both very close with Arod. It seems the younger players are more connected with him than with the 'old guard' who are more business like.

I would have been happy with Betemit at third and Duncan at 1st and now hope they will both share first base this year. To me, this signing means the young players are staying. I actually don't think a trade for Santana makes much sense, if it means giving up Cano/Joba/Hughes/Kennedy.

Arod looked like he was having fun this year and mor importantly, his team mates had fun with him (remember the 'hurt' shoulder after the home runs.

Also, look at what this prevents. Making panic trades, over spending on Lowell (I think they are just driving up the price for Boston) or giving Hunter a long term contract to replace Melky.

And, this probably means we get to watch Arod take back the home run record for the Yanks from Bonds, the truly bad man of Baseball...

Michael in New York said...

Melky and Cano definitely loosened up A-Rod. It seemed like they made it their job to keep him un-tense (or as un-tense as possible). He needs them more than they need him, I think. I hope you're right about not trading Melky and the arms for Santana. But if we don't get Pettitte back, we are definitely going to need another ace and I'd rather overspend on a potential numbr one than overspend for a potential number five (Igawa, anyone?)

Jason Page said...

You remember the 70's??

And for anyone who would be happy with Betemit at third, THANK GOD YOUR NOT A GENERAL MANAGER!!