Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Stupidest Incentive Ever

Curt Schilling re-upped with Boston for a one-year, $8 million contract. Per the NYTimes, he also gets an extra $3 mil for pitching 200 innings (is there anything dumber than giving a pitcher a reason to push their arm to the limit?), an extra $1 mil if he gets the Cy Young award (because $8 to $11 mil isn't incentive enough to be the best pitcher you can) and finally, here's the kicker, $2 mil for six separate weigh-ins, which means I believe hitting targeted weight amounts every time.
Schilling said on his blog that he inserted the weigh-in clause as an acknowledgment that he made mistakes in his conditioning last winter.

“I needed to show them I recognized that and understood the importance of it,” Schilling wrote.
So Schilling was fat and out of shape, a professional athlete making millions who couldn't be bothered to stay on top of his conditioning last year. And he was so chastened, so desirious of proving to the Red Sox that he would stay in shape this year...that he DEMANDED AND RECEIVED AN EXTRA $2 MILLION IF HE CAN STAY IN SHAPE. Are you friggin' kidding me? A professional athlete making millions who needs AN INCENTIVE to stay in shape? He was ashamed of his actions last year and to prove he would deliver the absolute minimum that anyone should expect of an athlete he asked for more money? Unbelievable.


joe said...

Just to play devil's advocate...

Schilling made $13mm last season and you could make a case that he doesn't deserve a pay cut. This might be the Red Sox way of saying, "Ok -- here's your $13mm plus $1mm if by some freak occurence you win the Cy Young. But just to hedge ourselves, you're going to have to actually pitch and not be fat to get that last $5mm out of us."

The fact that Schilling said the weight thing was his idea means nothing to me; I don't believe a word that blowhard says.

Michael in New York said...

Well, I can accept that. But cloaking it as some noble, aren't I great for getting in shape is crazy.