Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hank: Keep Your Word

Is there no honor anymore? Can't bullying blowhards even keep their word to be stubborn jerks? Hank Steinbrenner wants to be like his dad? Fine, then start holding grudges like your Dad. Did George kiss and make up with Yogi in a few weeks? Of course not. You said you would NOT negotiate with A-Rod. You repeated it again and again after he REFUSED to take your phone calls or even have the courtesy to meet with you and hear your offer. He made a mockery of the World Series with his grandstanding announcement about leaving the Yankees. Every single poll in the NY papers shows the Yankee fans are THRILLED that A-Rod is gone and don't want him back. The latest ESPN poll shows that 60 PERCENT OF FANS DON'T WANT A-ROD ON THEIR TEAM EITHER. Fans HATE A-Rod. How many boos do you have to hear to get it? And A-Rod has damaged his reputation even more in the last few weeks. Keep your word, be a jerk and tell A-Rod to take a hike. Do you want to win the A-Rod sweepstakes, a game where you're the only one buying a ticket and it costs $275 million? Ot do you want to win the World Series sweepstakes? I'd rather win the World Series sweepstakes and we can have more flexibility, a better team image (which means more revenue) and a better TEAM without A-Rod. Walk away.

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