Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mo Walks; Jorge Says "Tear Up My Contract"

"When I made the deal, it was with the understanding that A-Rod was gone," said Jorge Posada. "There is no way I would have come back to the Yankees at any price if I'd known A-Rod was going to be around." Added Mo, "Thank God I didn't sign anything yet. I feel like I just dodged a bullet."

Okay, okay. Neither of them said this. But have the Yankees spoken to the players? Do any of them want to see A-Rod return? Can they work with him? Of course. Do they WANT him to come back? No. Did you see Jeter's comments at Joe Torre's charity event?
"There's not many people in the game that do the things that he does," Jeter said of Rodriguez, who opted out of the final three years of his contract, leading the Yanks to state that they will not try to work out a deal with him. "We're trying to win, but it takes more than one person. We've had teams that have won and we haven't had numbers like that put up, so you don't necessarily have to have those type of numbers in order to win."
In Jeter speak, that's a bitch slap. We don't need you, he said, believing A-Rod to be long gone.

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