Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Contact The Yankees

You can email them here or call them at 718-293-4300. Let them know we don't want A-Rod. The NY Daily News broke the story and it's worse than the NYTimes made it sound. A-Rod approached them, they've been talking for a few days and the biggest demand of the Yankees is that Boras can't sit at the table. They want to deal with A-Rod and only A-Rod. The biggest joke in the article is the anonymous commenter who says A-Rod is definitely coming back, that the Yankees need him and that he's going to take a "below market contract" of $275 mil. Give me a break. No one else is seriously interested. Walk away. See what A-Rod gets offered by another team. No one's made a remotely serious offer. Who the hell is going to give A-Rod $275 mil right now? The Yankees are bidding against themselves just like Texas did with A-Rod and just like the Yankees did with Clemens when he squeezed them for a few extra million. I don't want him signed at all, but giving him $275 mil when no one else is bidding for him is crazy. He wanted to go on the market? Let him. Let someone make an offer. THEN we can talk. And it begins by taking a discount from THAT offer, not from the $350 mil he was HOPING to get.


joe said...

Thanks for the number -- I'm going to call and tell them to re-sign ARod at any cost.

Seriously -- he's a great player. I can't believe how strongly you despise him. Giambi I can understand. ARod I cannot. I think he's showing class and humility right now and I'd be jumping for joy if he re-signs, just like any Yankee fan should do.

Michael in New York said...

Class? By thumbing his nose at the Yankees, telling them to fuck off, telling BASEBALL to fuck off by announcing his optout IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD SERIES CLINCHER, finding out no one else was going to pay him anywhere near what the Yankees were, getting no firm offers and then turning around and getting the Yankees to pay him THE BIGGEST SALARY CONTRACT IN BASEBALL HISTORY and having idiots in the media call it a 'discount.' He must be laughing all the way to the bank.

I don't despite A-Rod the way I despise cheaters like Giambi and Bonds and the people who applaud them and don't care. I have no opinion on A-Rod as a person except for the fact that it's sad he seems unable to be comfortable in his own skin and enjoy the great opportunities he has. I never booed him once and while he was a Yankee I applauded every time he came to the plate. I WANTED him to succeed. But he does not help us win on the field. That is my first and only consideration. I do NOT think he is a piece of the puzzle when putting together a winning team. I believe it wholeheartedly. I have ALWAYS despised when the Yankees pursue the biggest swinging dick onthe market (like Clemens and Randy Johnson and Albert Belle) and whenever they've succeeded it has rarely panned out. Superstars are NOT a necessary ingredient of a winning team. having the highest payroll in baseball BY FAR cheapens the accomplishments of the Yankees and that embarrasses me too. I want to WIN. I don't hold grudges. I don't care if you beat your wife. I want to WIN and since I'm playing baseball and not fantasy baseball, I don't want A-Rod, I don't want Soriano, I don't want Miguel Cabrera, I don't want Barry Bonds, I don't want a million other high priced self-regarding players who focus on personal stats instead of the only game that matters. A-Rod could not have behaved more like a punk if I'd scripted it when he left the Yankees. And you think he's showing class? In what universe? He wants the most money. That's all it's ever been with him.

Michael in New York said...


joe said...

That's where we disagree. I 100% believe he helps the Yankees win. There is no way the Yanks make the playoffs last year without him. Next year with a decent pitching staff they will be dangerous -- but like I always say -- scoring more runs can only help you.

As for him being a jerk the past few weeks, I blame Boras and I give ARod credit for realizing how bad Boras made him look and finally (belatedly) standing up for himself.

Michael in New York said...

Stsnding up for himself by making a deal with the team that is offering him more money than any other team in baseball ever has or ever will? How is that any different than what most baseball players do every single contract?