Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Missile Already Launched

Here's the first email sent to the Yankees (and bonus points for saying "sloughing," Bruce):

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Bruce and I am a lifetime New Yorker and Yankee fan. I currently split season tickets in Section 39 (the right field bleachers). I am sending this missive for a single purpose: To beg you to not re-sign A-Rod. All of my reasons have been said before and there is no reason to reiterate them. All you need to know is that if you do this blatantly harmful act, then you will have not yet lost a fan, but will certainly accelerate the sloughing of my fanhood. This will ultimately leave you with one less fan and about two thousand dollars less a season.




dasnootz said...

The Yankees will file that in the "Who gives a shit?" file.

Michael in New York said...

And that file is getting very, very thick. I do belive teams pay attention to the fans. How often do people flood Yankee stadium with phone calls begging them NOT to sign a player? It virtually never happens and I'll bet it at least gives them a moment's pause...before doing the deal anyway.

Jason Page said...

LOL, you people make me laugh. Its thinking like this that helps sports-talk radio. From that perspective I appreciate it. Bruce, if you'd quit being a ynks fan because of A-Rod, or if that puts you on the path to quit supporting the team, then I wouldn't want you as a fan if I were an owner.

Yeah, hang on Hal. Don't go sign the best player in baseball. Better yet, let him go and put Andy Phillips at third base. That'll show that A-Rod who's the boss.

Its laughable....... It really is.