Sunday, October 21, 2007

Are The Red Sox Ready To Become The Yankees?

That ain't my headline; it's the headline in the New York Times, which worries about the dangers of getting a "World Series or Bust" mentality. (As opposed to the joys of being hapless underdogs for almost 90 years and NEVER winning the World Series, because we know what charms that held for Boston fans.) The NYTimes uses scary phrases like "With the Yankees empire in decline...." And they wonder whether the Red Sox can adjust to being "despised" like the Yankees were? Huh? That's actually the most notable element of the Torre era (after the rings, of course). The Yankees WERE despised in the Seventies and Eighties thanks to Steinbrenner's bluster, bullying ways, obnoxious circus-like atmostphere, lack of respect for any and all comers and so on. Even Yankee fans didn't really like the Yankees and could only bitch and moan about what a nightmare Steinbrenner was. Torre added a human, likable face to the franchise (increasing its corporate value mightily in the process) and with solid, well-behaved, even admirable players like Bernie, Jeter, Pettitte and Posada symblizing the Yankees (in an era of out of control athletes, drug and sex scandals and steroid abuse), everyone admitted they COULDN'T hate the Yankees any more. The Yankees weren't despised in the 90s; they were loved. Are the Red Sox ready to win multiple World Series rings? Why the heck wouldn't they be? (And yes, that means you should sing A-Rod, Boston. He's the key to your future. Do it!)

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