Thursday, October 18, 2007

Example #874 Why Scott Boras Is An Ass

Per ESPN: Scott Boras, the agent for Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, said players would have interpreted an acceptance by Torre as weakness.

"It is difficult, near impossible, to accept a salary cut," Boras said. "Successful people can afford their principles. They understand if they accept the position, there is a great risk the message to all under him is dissatisfaction."

What a schmuck. That's right. Torre would have been the highest paid manager in baseball this season. Indeed, no other manager in history has EVER been paid $5 mil. Plus Torre would be almost guaranteed to get $6 mil since he's reached the post-season every year and $7 mil if he gets to the second round and $8 mil - the most for any manager in history EVER including himself -- and Boras says that he would have been seen as a weak-ass punk and the players would have dissed him because it was a pay cut. So a manager getting a three year deal after winning the World Series four out of five years should NOT get more than a manager booted out of the post-season three years in a row in the first round? Huh? And money always equals respect, no matter what. There's proof if you need it: A-Rod is gonna opt-out. Otherwise, per Boras, A-Rod's a bitch.


dasnootz said...

I honestly believe that Torre was gone no matter what.

ARod's only hope for a positive legacy is to stay with the Yankees. If he can pull himself away from the museums and mensa crossword puzzles long enough to realize that he's already rich beyond all measures, he'll negotiate an extension.

Michael in New York said...

Really? You think if the Yankees had shown Torre love and given him a three year extension for similar money that he would have walked? I don't think they would have or should have, but really? Cause he was so miserable and tired of their games? Maybe. Was it all a game, pretending to agonize over the decision? We'll have to wait till someone writes their memoirs.

As for A-Rod, I agree with you except I don't. Too many people see personal stats and a big fat contract as a great legacy for him to worry. He's repeatedly called potentially the greatest player of all time, he has the biggest contract of all time and if he stays healthy he'll set numerous records, including the home run one and get into the Hall of Fame first ballot unanimous even more easily than say Cal Ripken because the fantasy league world we live in values stats over team effort and heart. he's a terrible teammate, I believe, not because he's mean or a jerk but because hes so thin-skinned and such a pain the neck and he absolutely does NOT motivate the people around him to play better. His legacy is fine because most people are dumb. I watched him for four years and he was the best player on the team only once, the other three years he was either good or a serious drag. But does he really do Mensa crosswords? Does that mean a Sunday NYTimes crossword or does Mensa really create their own crosswords?

dasnootz said...

I made up the Mensa bit... I really have no clue. I just remember him saying that he didn't go to strip clubs like other players, rather he spent his Sundays touring museums.

joe said...

We may have our disagreements about ARod (which I think is a healthy philosophical debate), but I will never argue with anyone that calls Scott Boras an ass. In fact I think you can go so far as to call him the devil incarnate and you wouldn't be out of line.