Friday, October 26, 2007

Choice Of New Manger Will Be Blamed On Cashman

So, according to the NYTimes, Hank Steinbrenner says that the family will almost certainly accept the recommendation of Brian Cashman as to who the next manager will be. Really? Brian Cashman is now in charge of making the decision, not Hank and Hal and George? But if Brian Cashman were REALLY in charge, the manager would be Joe Torre. Don't place the blame (or success) of the choice on Cashman. It rests squarely with the Steinbrenners. THEY re the ones making the choice, whether they pretend to accept the recommendation of Cashman or not. This puppy rests with them and to hell with patience -- they fired Torre for not making it to the World Series so anything less is unacceptable and an abject failure by THEIR OWN STANDARD. Period.

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