Sunday, October 28, 2007

Daily News: Girardi The Man

The NY Daily News insists the next manager of the Yankees will be Joe Girardi. Mike Lupica suggests if George is still in charge it will be Mattingly. And how polite or angry will Mattingly be if he is brought out of retirement to be the heir apparent and then gets passed over? The Daily News breaks down the strengths of all three candidates and points out that Girardi's biggest weakness is communicating with players. That just happened to be Torre's biggest strength. Two points: one, it's laughable when Hank praises what a thorough search the Yankees conducted. Right, calling in Girardi and Mattingly and Pena was really a wide-ranging search. They knew who they were interested in all along. And the Daily News missed the most important attribute of Tony Pena -- fulfilling the token minority interview that Bud Selig insists on, the role that Willie Randolph served for so many teams for so long.

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