Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top Prospects This Off-Season -- Steal Mike Lowell?

Joe sent a great link to the top prospects this off season and mentioned Mike Lowell of the Red Sox for first base. I see him as a potential third baseman, though he clearly had a career high at the plate and a career low in errors in the field. Anyone know his mental makeup and what kind of guy he is? Problems? Injured two years ago, I assume based on his numbers? Good team player? Seems to struggle in the post-season and sucks against lefties.


joe said...

Just to be clear I would advocate signing Lowell to play 1B only if we keep A-Rod -- otherwise I would sign him to play third.

By all accounts Lowell is a GREAT clubhouse/character guy. Think Scott Brosius with more talent.

He's had some injury problems in the past (including cancer) which is why I think Boston doesn't want to give him more than a one year deal. I'd be more than comfortable with a 2 or 3 year deal though given his production since he came to Boston.

Michael in New York said...

Think Scott Brosius? I'm sold ona two+ year deal if A-Rod walks and we have no super young talent in the minors. (We've got that shortstop of course but no third baseman, I think.)