Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Torre Still Waiting -- Big Deal

For a second day, the Yankees failed to make a decision about Joe Torre. Good, they're taking their time and realizing there are a lot of ramifications to dumping Torre. (Whether they keep him or bring in Mattingly or Girardi, the team is going to be greatly improved thanks to a starting rotation that looks a lot more promising than any we've had in years.) But let's get one thing clear: it's not disrespectful or rude or cruel to keep Torre "hanging." They haven't dumped him yet and this is supposed to be unfair? In what universe? Don Zimmer acted as if the Yankees were just toying with him; but clearly they haven't made up their minds yet, or rather they haven't come to a consensus yet. Isn't it about time we did? What's your vote? I say sign Torre to a two year, $8 mil deal and make absolutely clear even if they go to the World Series both years in a row that these are his final seasons and they'll bring in someone new. Give him a victory lap at the old and new Stadium, watch attendance increase as love for the old guy blossoms and just print money. What do you say? Should he go and if so who should replace him? Is there a Five O'Clock Lightning consensus?

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