Monday, October 22, 2007

Jeter To Third?

Everyone knows Jeter's mobility is less than in days past and that no one stays at shortstop forever. The best way to replace A-Rod (if God willing he opts out), would be to slot Jeter at third and bring in that hot minor leaguer (Sanchez?) that everyone is high on. Would Jeter do it? Why not? He knows he'll extend his career by going to third or the outfield. He's been the shortstop for 12 seasons. But getting him to switch, heck ASKING him to switch would be a lot easier with Torre at the helm. Just one more complication from dumping Torre this year. Firing Torre last year would have been a lot better from a team perspective.


Anonymous said...

There is no chance. Cashman already said there is no chance of him moving.

If ARod opts out, Lowell is the most likely replacement - more likely than any SS.

I don't know what SS prospect you're talking about - maybe Alberto Gonzalez, who has a great glove but will be lucky to hit .250 with no power in the big leagues.

I'm certainly not opposed to the idea (though I think CF is the best option, Melky's presence not withstanding). But there is just no chance of it happening. He's an icon, albeit an overrated one, and he knows he'll be jeopardizing his HOF chances by moving.

Michael in New York said...

But shortstops don't stay at shortstop their entire career, do they? I thought it was a position like catcher that caused so much wear and tear that eventually you moved. We'll have to see about the injury that plagued him this season and whether it can be rehabbed or surgery is needed -- but obviously the range of motion he had in the second half is not acceptable. Am I dumb to think he'd move to another position once that was best for the team?

joe said...

You know who would be a good shortstop if Jeter moved to third? A-Rod.

Jeter's range, never great, was piss poor this season. Hopefully that was due to the injury and not just his age, because otherwise he needs to move to a corner infield position soon.

Michael in New York said...

Yeah, but for $33 million, I'd rather buy an ace pitcher, a catcher of the future to mentor under Posada and lowell from Boston. As others have told me, people DO stay at shortstop their entire career and it's a big ego thing and Jeter's got as big an ego as anyone so clearly he won't move. The range thing was definitely the injury.

joe said...

Regarding your comment on how to use the $33 million:

1. There are NO ace pitchers available via free agency, meaning you'd have to trade the farm to get one.

2. You can't buy a good young catcher. Its impossible. You have to draft one and develop them. If not you trade for a good catcher in his prime or you sign an aging catcher that is still mediocre.

3. Since I've established above that the $33 million can't be used to plug those two holes in any effective manner, then the signing of Lowell is useless unless you want him (or A-Rod or Jeter) to play 1st base. It's either that or you don't spend it at all and sit on the money until a good pitcher reaches free agency.

4. Jeter's range has been declining for years; the injury just made it unbearable this year. Even if he's 100% his range is below average for a shortstop (though his arm and positioning help make up for that).