Thursday, October 18, 2007

Larry Bowa as Bench Coach?

Like everyone else, Joel Sherman of the NY Post thinks the Yankees should bring back Torre for basically two years at $4 mil per. His twist is an incentive-laden package for getting to the World Series and winning it all -- personally, this would seem to appease Steinbrenner more than inspire Torre. Most significantly, Sherman thinks Torre needs a spark plug of a bench coach a la Don Zimmer. Hence, he says bring in Larry Bowa from third base and make Don Mattingly manager of triple A for some actual managing experience or let him be some sort of advisor to Cashman and get experience scouting, etc. Is a passive bench coach too similar in mood to Torre a heretofore unexplored problem? The switch makes sense to me, except I'd make the irascible Joe Girardi the bench coach. he's just as fiery, could use the bench experience next to Torre and he's already managed.


joe said...

If I'm not mistaken I believe that Girardi already served 1 year as bench coach.

Basically the Yanks need to decide who the successor is to Torre (assuming he comes back). They have enough information to make that decision now. Seems to me that whoever that is should be the bench coach until taking over as manager.

dasnootz said...

We're a little behind the times here. Joe has already turned down the Yankees 5 million dollar offer.

I hope he signs with Boras.