Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Torre For One More Year?

Why bring in Tony La Russa for two or three years? If you're just going to tread water before committing to Don Mattingly or Joe Girardi, why not stick with Torre? Here's my thinking. The Yankees have too many key players that could walk if they dump Torre -- or at least demand the moon. Between Mo and Posada and Pettitte, Torre is too important in keeping them. Plus we've got one more year at the Stadium. Why not give Torre a one year deal ? They can say, we want Torre to close out the era at this Stadium. Having him walk into the sunset along with the Stadium makes good sense, fires up the players to win one for the Gipper, gives a huge incentive to those key players to stick around and provides a marketing bonanza for the team. If we actually win the World Series, he can leave on top or they can always change their mind and say, "More Torre!" It would be classy AND good for business.

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