Monday, October 22, 2007

NY Daily News Levine Puff Piece

The NY Daily News ran a puff piece trying to provide cover for the horribly misunderstood Yankee president Randy Levine, the schmuck who has battled with Torre for years, had the gall to hold a press conference in the locker room that threw fuel onto the fire of a tense rivalry with Boston, proudly gave the moon to A-Rod and has been the driving force behind the white elephant, brewing disaster that is the new Yankee Stadium, the corporate friendly venue that looks like a disaster for the average fan. (Levine also announced the brilliant signing of Randy Johnson for way too much money when that cranky bastard was way past his prime -- a decision that didn't even look smart during Johnson's first press conference, much less his first pitcing appearance.)

The article describes Levine as a "fall guy," as if he's hapless and uninvolved. But Levine as had no love lost for Torre for years, Torre in his press conference painted a target on Levine's back by insisting that he had no opinion of the Yankee president (who's been with the team for eight years) and didn't deal with him, and while the Steinbrenners clearly wanted Torre out, Levine urged them on.

In a further bit of absurdity, the article quotes sports business consultant Marc Ganis as saying George Steinbrenner is absolutely in control and on top of things, even if he may be slowing down a bit. This is patently ridiculous, since everyone knows Steinbrenner is extremely aging, couldn't make it through the ground breaking ceremony for the new Stadium he was so frail, has collapsed in public, can't recognize reporters he's spoken with for decades and came to three games all season. Levine also lies and says the Yankees wanted Torre to come back. Please.

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