Monday, October 15, 2007

Trade Melky Or Cano?

Please tell me no one would be that stupid.
Trading for a player of [Marlin third baseman Miguel] Cabrera's caliber, though, would probably require the Yankees to change that stance and to consider moving young position players like second baseman Robinson CanĂ³ and center fielder Melky Cabrera.

That seems unlikely, but the idea of using Melky Cabrera as a trading chip is intriguing because of the choices among free-agent center fielders: Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand are all right-handed hitters who play outstanding defense.


joe said...

Melky and a minor league pitcher for Miguel...I'd do that in a heartbeat. Cano is another story in my opinion.

Brucie G said...

Yes for Miguel. Hunter and Jones are wayyyy too overrated. Jones' defense has declined rapidly over the past couple years...there was an article on espn about it a few months ago.

Michael in New York said...

I agree Cano is the more valuable of the two. But I think fantasy league baseball has distored everyone's ideas about mixing and matching players. First, the C+ C brothers play well together and really relax A-Rod (assuming he stays). Second, Melky is strong and already proven himself in NYC and can get still better. Never underestimate the importance of being able to perform in New York -- the best players in the world can wilt here. Third, it makes a HUGE difference to signing new young talent, inspiring the minor leaguers and keeping the guys on the bench fired up to know that you can work your way up in an organization, succeed at the highest levels and NOT be used as a trading chip. That is incredibly dispiriting to think anyone would consider trading these two. Finally, off the field but keeping the Yankee fortunes in mind, I think every team in baseball fails to see the value in bringing up players and letting fans follow their entire careers. It's a beautiful thing to get to watch Jeter and posada and Mo (and almost Pettitte) spend their entire careeers as Yankees.I think teams build real fan loyalty by letting fans build a link over the years with a core group of players that they KNOW are going to stay with the team a long time.