Monday, October 29, 2007

Boston Sweeps. Aaarghhhh.

Boy, something has to be done about the National League. Boston sweeps but instead of rightly focusing on Boston and their well-deserved second World Series in four seasons and their ending of the curse and veterans like Papelbon and their smarts in signing Daisuke, who may very well do fine next year and costs $10 mil per for a number three starter, which is a bargain in this day and age (instead of the Yankees who spent $50 mil for a guy they HOPED would be the number five starter), instead of talking about terrific rookies like Jacoby Elsbury (who's got the aura of a Jeter for the moment, always there in crucial plays and I wish we had him), instead of all of this we'll spend half the time talking about A-Rod because of his classless move in trying to steal thunder IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DECISIVE WORLD SERIES GAME to promote himself. Selig better fine him and Boras big time.

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