Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Can Hear Jesse Now...

"Jorge Posada is a piece of s#$t!!!!"

People talked about the gnats (rightly), Joba's "disintegration" (wrongly), and A-Rod's inability to get a hit (stupidly -- NO ONE was hitting and at least his last at-bat was solid). But I watched the entire postgame coverage on YES and maybe I missed it but I didn't see one replay of Jorge's disastrous, game-changing plays during Joba's outing when he failed to block a wild pitch, letting Sizemore -- great porn name, by the way -- score the tying run on a ball that didn't get very far away from Posada at all.

Grady of course became the tying run that sent us into extra innings. If we get that out, the entire game changes. Did I watch a different game than the broadcasters? They didn't show it or his other travails behind the plate on replay. They didn't discuss it at all. Meanwhile, I'm certain fellow Section 39 Bleacher Creature Jesse was cursing Jorge with bodily harm. And rightly so.

Okay, so we need to win Sunday. Can Clemens go "deep," by which I mean five innings in his case? And if we do win, surely the Indians will use Sabathia on short rest to win game four and try to end it with their ace rather than risking a terrible pitcher and heading back to Cleveland? If we would use Wong (and we probably will in Game Four) why wouldn't they use Sabathia? Does he have some history of pitching terribly on short rest?

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