Thursday, October 18, 2007

Goodbye Torre

Torre rejects a perfectly reasonable offer from the Yankees -- one year as the highest paid manager in baseball with tons of post-season incentives and an option at $8 mil for 2009 if he made it to the World Series in 2008. What did he want? A five year deal? I don't think it was disrespectful or shabby in any way. I don't blame Torre for leaving but I don't blame the Yankees for letting him go. Maybe he felt he had accomplished too much to be on a one-year deal. Tell it to Andy Pettite. I'm very sorry he didn't take this but I believe the team will do better next year thanks to a much stronger starting rotation. HOWEVER, it's gonna be a lot trickier re=signing Posada and Mo and getting Pettitte to stay without Torre's presence. My worst-case scenario is that Torre goes and A-Rod stays. God help us, but this could turn into a very scary off-season.


joe said...


There, I feel better now. Yankee fans are going to be sorry next year when A-Rod and Abreu and Posada are gone and we lose a ton of games by scores of 3-2 like the 2001 team, which caused a changing of the guard.

Michael in New York said...

Actually, we'll WIN games 3-2 because with good starting pitching, you don't NEED seven runs a game to win. Imagine small ball with players actually able to manufacture a run, the sort of thing Cleveland did to us that made us look weak. That's how you win post-seasons. I see you don't express regrets about Torre. More and more, I really hope Alex walks. So there!

Michael in New York said...

jason says the yanks made an offer that people would respect but which Torre would turn down so they could move on. He expects mattingly but would love bobby valentine (god help us all). I say BOTH the Yankees and Torre are gonna regret this, especially if they can't resign Posada, Mo and Pettitte or are forced to give Posada an absurd four years.

dasnootz said...

Deep Breath.....

I'm not sad that Torre is gone. It needed to be done, and I belive that he would have left under any circumstance. I don't know who'll follow in his footsteps, but I hope it's somebody that can manage not only a team of egos, but the game of baseball as well.

Valentine would be a major flop.

Mattingly is unproven.

Girardi... maybe.

ARod is the best player in baseball, but if he walks I won't lose any sleep. That'll be more money we can throw at Santana, and another night per week that I can go to bed before 10:30pm with a quality start.

I would hope that Mo and Jorge stay, but if they think that they've been disrespected by the Yankees I have no problem with showing them the door. I hate to use the word "over-rated", but if either weren't in pinstripes their careers would be drastically different. Anyway they look at it, they're going to play for a new manager next season. If they choose to wear a new uniform then so be it. They'll be the ones slapping the Yankee fans that have supported them for so many years in the face.

It's time for this Yankee team to move on, and unfortunately sometimes you have to leave the ones you've loved behind.

joe said...

It's a team game. You win by scoring more runs than the other team.

(1) ARod contributes to the team scoring MORE runs with his stellar bat.
(2) ARod contributes to the team allowing LESS runs with his stellar defense.

Getting rid of your best hitter (player) will NOT help you win more games. A good team is one that is well rounded and can win games in ANY fashion...not just low scoring games.

On top of that he's a GREAT teammate because he works harder than anyone (just look at his positive effect on Melky and Cano), he plays hurt, and he gives it 100% on every single play of every single game. And don't underestimate the fact that he takes a lot of pressure off the rest of the lineup...

I say so what if the guy is a little sensitive and kind of a dork. People need to separate that from the baseball side of things; anything else is foolish and short-sighted.