Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mo: Firing Joe Doesn't Matter To Me

Here's the complete quote from Mariano Rivera on Sirius, as quoted by the New York Times:
The Yankees “always give us the best everything, the best players, the best coaching staff,” Rivera said. “I don’t think it has nothing to do with me, in terms of signing with the Yankees.”
Never mind that the Yankees are removing the safety factor of working with the manager you've known for almost your entire career, never mind the loyalty factor, that's just a dumb thing to say as far as negotiations are concerned. Mo clearly isn't an A-Rod when it comes to savvy comments. A-Rod fought with Torre and had at best reached a truce but made it sound like the Yankees had fired his father when they fired Joe. Mo probably had a lot of respect for Torre but makes it sound like he could care less. He was probably just emphasizing again that this is a business and this would be a business decision. (No one expects him to say "You fired Joe? I'm leaving!!!") But it was tactless of him to say. That's some cold-hearted business thinking there. Still think Mo couldn't possibly wear anything but pinstripes?

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