Thursday, October 11, 2007

Section 39 Bleacher Creatures Angry That The Yankees Lied To Posada and Mo

Everyone else insisted Torre was out the door and Tony La Russa had the U-Haul backing up to Yankee Stadium to deliver his stuff. Only Five O'Clock Lightning argued Torre was actually in a strong position with Mo and Posada and Pettitte ready to walk. Now they've all spoken up for him, the papers are arguing about who could do better as manager and saner heads point out that the Yankees lost because of starting pitching: because Wang had a 19 era and Clemens left in the third and Wang left in the second. No one can manage their way out of bad starting pitching.

And Mo reminds us that the Yankees lied. When the Yankees went against all tradition and bitch-slapped A-Rod by telling the press he needed to negotiate in the middle of the season and not opt-out or they were dumping him, we booed. Why belittle a player having a season like A-Rod and put his back against the wall? A-Rod refused to negotiate and said it was against Yankee tradition and they would talk after the season was over. He behaved with class. When the Yankees got heat -- what about Mo and Posada, everyone asked; are you gonna negotiate with them in the middle of the season against all tradition? Oh yes, said the Yankees, of course we will. We're ready to make a deal with both of them. They lied. They made no attempt to resign either of them, no sincere attempt. And now Mo says watching the Yankees treat Bernie like a chump, seeing them dangle Torre and refusing to re-sign Mo after his elbow problems in 2006, he knows it's a business and will treat it like one. Can't picture Mo in anything other than pinstripes? Think again. And if the Yankees dump Torre, it will make it a LOT harder to re-sign Mo. And Posada. And Pettitte.

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